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Welcome To Pian Xia's Web Site 







                                                             My Biography


       My name is Pian Xia Luo. My English name is Patricia. My native country is China. My native language is Chinese. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Tai Shanese, and English. I have been studying English for six years in the United States. I graduated from Humanities High School. Now, I am a student at Kingsborough Community College. This is my third semester in Fall 2004. My major is accounting. I live with my family in Brooklyn. I have two siblings. I am a young’s person in the family.

          Now, I am taking ESL 91 course with Dr. Loretta Kasper. I learn how to create a web site in my home page, and I have my own web page at If you want to know more about me please post some questions to my web page. My web page is http://         


Here you can read the ESSAYS I’ve written for my class.


       This page was late updated on September 20, 2004